Wen J IA

By Dilemma studio

Wen J IAWen J IAWen J IA
Wenjia is a 2D platformer with puzzle solution elements. The gameplay is based on a journey between two worlds. Each world has its own mechanics and the player will have to use them to reach the end of the level. But do not forget that every world also has its own difficult challenges that you will have to overcome.The main character is the energy essence in the form of a kitten. Only pure energy entities can easily move between two worlds.

The ancient forest was destroyed by an earthquake and the player, in the role of a kitten, must save the ancient spirit, who had protected the forest for centuries, before it was too late. But for this you need to go a long but beautiful way, solving various problems and overcoming all kinds of difficulties.

You can download the free Android Wenjia game for Android on our website.