Ackelrog Institute


Ackelrog Institute

A.K.L.G lab by genre refers to role-playing games. Researchers at the institute are engaged in the study of various creatures. One day, the main security system is destroyed, and all of the investigated individuals run away. The player will have to find them all again.

The features of the game include its cheerful atmosphere; random map generation; the battle process, which includes card elements; a large number of different bosses and monsters, to deal with which will have to use different strategies; beautiful illustrations.

It should be noted that A.K.L.G lab is an offline game, so when it is removed from the device, all achievements will be lost. In order to change the device and not lose anything, you can use the internal cloud storage.

To work correctly, the game requires OS Android 4.1 and 63 MB. free space.This game will help you to have a great time! Download the free game A.K.L.G lab for Android on our website.